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Reshape the World!


Reshape the World!

What will you do when the physical world collides with the digital?
Everything around you will become digital.
Let's create a world where your imagination comes to life.


Feature of CiphAR

You can place various objects in the AR space.
Since the object you put is tied to the space,
people who come to the same place can also see that object.


Placing and writing various things on the AR space

You can place various kinds of objects on the AR space.
You can also draw 3D characters in space using brush tools.
Let's reimagine the space around us!


You can also see the space created by others

Objects placed around you are displayed on the map.
Check out what other people have placed!


"Like" your favorite art!

"Like" what catches your eye.
Every "Like" is notified to the original designer.

Object1 Object2 Object3 Object4 Object5 Object6


Let's enjoy a new world!

Enjoy 1

Secretly leave a message on the street corner

A message exclusive to that special someone.
Leave cryptic messages, games, find friends, the possibilites are endless.

Enjoy 2

Your art recreates the city.

With the brush tool you can 3D paint in space.
Graffiti or color your town with your own work.

Enjoy 3

Let's see the world that everyone made

Let's hold the camera to the place you care.
There is a world that you've yet to discover.


Requests or questions regarding our product, inquiries to our company

To users
We welcome your feedback in order to make it a more enjoyable and interesting service.

To businesses
We look forward to inquiries concerning various activities such as promotion, events, application development, etc. utilizing AR and location information.